Aftercare Services

Your pet’s health is our top priority.


When is the right time to let my cherished companion go?

This is a very common question that many caring owners find themselves agonizing over. We understand the relationship with your pet is very special. They have been your constant companion, giving you support with their unconditional love during your life’s ups and downs, so you want to make certain you are making the correct call for them at the end of their life. The right time is a very personal decision, but reflecting on your pet’s quality of life helps with that decision.

Is your pet still happy to see you when you come home?

Does your pet still visit their favorite spots around the house (this is especially true for cats)?

Does your pet still want to take part in your family's interactions?

Have you followed your veterinarian’s recommendations and your pet’s health still has not improved?

Is your pet still eager to eat and still drinking?

Is your pet able to get up and move easily to relieve themselves? If not, is the nursing care you are providing affecting your relationship with them in a negative manner?

Can you still see that spark of joy in their eyes?

Answering these questions honestly will usually allow you to come to the right conclusion. Most people know when the right time is because your pet usually will signal or identify it in some capacity.

When the time is right, we will provide a very dignified and caring end of life process. You may choose to be present if you would like to be, holding and petting your pet, or if you would find it too much of a hardship, take comfort in knowing your pet will still be held comfortably and talked to as they pass on gently.

Our service is not just providing pet cremation. Our family is dedicated to helping all families find closure in a very difficult time.

Your pet will be treated with the same dignity and respect that all family members deserve. Whatever your needs may be, our experience will help you through this difficult time in your life.