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Meet our caring and compassionate veterinary care team!

At Affordable PetCare Hospital, we treat you and your pets like our family!

Every member of our team is solely dedicated to your pet’s health. We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

Dr. Risa Moore, DVM

Dr. Risa Moore, DVM

Veterinarian & Owner

Dr. Moore was born right here in Florida, where she has lived her whole life. She became interested in animal care and veterinary medicine in middle school, when she was a competitive horseback rider in dressage. She is a 1986 graduate of the University of Florida College of Liberal Arts with High Honors and a 1990 graduate of University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Moore has been the owner of Affordable PetCare Hospital since moving to Naples in 1992. She prides herself on a thorough examination of each patient, followed by clear and helpful communication with the pet’s parent on the best course of treatment or preventive medicine for their pet. She enjoys attending conferences and continuing educational seminars to ensure she is up to date on the latest trends and breakthroughs in veterinary medicine. Dr. Moore is currently enrolled in the International Veterinary Dentistry Institute’s Program to become certified after over 50 hours of continuing education hours, including live lab exams.

She is currently the treasurer of the Collier County Veterinary Society and has long-standing memberships in the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), FVMA (Florida Veterinary Medical Association), AVDS (American Veterinary Dental Society), and IVAPM (International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management). She is an Accredited Veterinary by APHIS for Category 1 animals and a Free Fear Certified Professional (fearfreepets.com).

Dr. Moore has made Naples, FL her home with her husband, Darren, since 1992. She is very proud of her three grown children. In her spare time, she likes to spend time with family and friends, do her almost daily workouts, and do hot yoga.



Receptionist / Technician with Junebug

About Jackie
Jackie started her journey working with animals by completing her Veterinary assisting Program in Tennessee and was also able to assist the Zookeeper at The Knoxville Zoo. She then moved to Florida to continue her career in Veterinary Medicine. She joined our team in 2016 and is our head Technician. She continues to attend many conferences to keep up with the most recent techniques in Veterinary medicine such as dental radiology and ultrasound. She especially enjoys learning about FearFree techniques as they are helpful for calming anxious patients which is a bonus for them and the staff.

Besides learning new things, what keeps Jackie passionate about working at Affordable PetCare Hospital is helping sick animals heal and seeing their owner’s faces when their fur babies are feeling better and back to their happy selves!

She enjoys spending her time with her dog, Junebug. She is a Pitbull/Lab mix that she adopted from the shelter a few years ago. Junebug is a true Florida girl that looks forward to beach days and especially loves going paddle boarding. She also recently adopted a kitten; she named Leo. He loves playing with Junebug and getting into all sorts of trouble!


Receptionist / Office Admin with Marty

About Diana

Diana joined Dr. Moore’s team at Affordable PetCare in 2006. In that time, she has had the opportunity to get to know an incalculable number of patients and owners and loves the relationships that have built up year after year as they entrust the Affordable PetCare team with the care of their four-legged family members. She really enjoys advocating for the well-being of the pets by educating their owners on what would be best for their overall health care. For instance, due to her extended training, she is the prescription diet expert in the office. She is also very knowledgeable, thanks to hours of continuing education in diabetic patient care, anesthesia in senior patients, laser therapy, dental radiography, team building, and client education.

Diana feels continuing education is a crucial component to constantly learning and applying that knowledge to patient care and owner education. Diana is the owner of a 15-year-old grey tabby cat that found his way to her house as a stray. At the time he stumbled into her life many years ago, he was diagnosed as a diabetic and has been under treatment ever since. He also had severe dental disease, and all of his teeth had to be extracted. And so, he is now completely toothless but much more comfortable, as this in no way prevents him from devouring everything offered (or not) to him. He will not hesitate to help himself to anything left unattended on the kitchen table or counters! He loves to have attention from any and everyone and will demand that he be petted, and so, he was named Sticky.



Assistant / Receptionist with Patches

About Alexis

Alexis’ love for animals attracted her to working at Affordable PetCare Hospital. She joined us in early 2021. She adores meeting all the cute and cuddly dogs and cats with their loving owners. And the best part, she says, is seeing the sick ones feeling better after Dr. Moore treats them. She has a very kind heart and eager to get owners the correct information they need to best care for their fur babies.

She has a Bull Terrier mix named Patches. Patches was about 4 months old when she got her from the shelter. She could not leave there without her! Patches eats anything she can get her paws on and she’s not sorry about it. She has a quirky little habit of nibbling on blankets when she’s happy.

Outside of work, she and Patches love to go to the park to walk and feed turtles. She also likes to go shopping at the mall and enjoys going out to eat.



Veterinary Assistant with Coco
About Montana
After Montana complete her studies to become a Veterinary Assistant from Lorenzo Walker Technical Insititute early in 2021, she joined our team. She knew Affordable PetCare Hospital was right for her because she completely agrees with what Affordable PetCare Hospital strives for: to improve the life and health of our patients and help strengthen the bond between pet and pet parent, and to make the experience of veterinary care as fear-free as possible. She continues her college studies to one day aspire to become a Veterinarian. So she is learning as much as she can about our furry companions and how to become an advocate for their health and care.

She believes the best part about working at Affordable Petcare Hospital is the clients and patients. She is amazed at the sheer amount of love and cares that clients have for their pets. She says experiencing this is something that truly makes every day wonderful.

Montana owns Coco, a lab mix who was a rescue from the Human Society’s trips to Puerto Rico. Coco was found as a young puppy there and brought to Naples where she was re-homed several times until she found her way to Montana’s forever home where she now runs the house! Coco loves to accessorize especially with sweaters and shirts; and has an odd addiction to seafood.

Montana’s time outside of work (and most lunch breaks) is dedicated to her college studies! But she also finds time to enjoy baking, gardening, reading, and learning new languages (her current language of choice being Mandarin).



Veterinary Assistant with Hobbes

About Emily
Emily has always loved and wanted to help animals. So, she has chosen a career path that will combine those two things. She hopes to first become a Veterinary Technician and then go on to Veterinary School. Her working at Affordable PetCare Hospital lets her experience what she learns in the classroom and allows her to also spread her knowledge to caring pet parents. Working at Affordable PetCare gives her a warm heart knowing a pet in need was helped and feeling back to their normal loving self.

She has adopted two kitties over the years: Cashew and Hobbes. Cashew is her sweetheart kitty who is very attached to her, and Hobbes is a bit shy but shows when he is content by “making biscuits.” Outside of work and school, she spends her time keeping in shape, socializing with her friends, and spending quality time with her family.

Our Greeters


About Riley

Riley loves being our greeter. He demands some petting and attention from everyone that comes into the hospital. He came to us in 2011, actually abandoned here by his previous owner. We feel we lucked out, though, with his beautiful looks and charming personality. He has become a wonderful clinic cat for us.




About Marty
Marty (or Martin when he’s in trouble) came to us in March 2013 as a stray kitten to be put up for adoption. But he soon trained us to let him out of his adoption crate to roam the hospital freely when he meowed long and loud! So eventually, Affordable PetCare Hospital became his forever home!

He has become a great clinic cat. He is our waiting room greeter – he can often be found literally in the laps of waiting clients getting his much-deserved pettings; he loves kids and very few dogs make him afraid – he is often the first cat a dog has encountered, so he has taught many dogs how to properly treat a cat. His favorite trick is to get clients to give him a cup of water from our waiting room water cooler – he longingly looks up at it like he is dying of thirst than when the cup is placed in front of him on the floor, he promptly knocks it over!

We struggle with weight control with our cubby guy like many other cat owners except for in 2021 when he was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism which makes kitties get thin. He was treated with Radio-iodine which completely cured the disease and now he’s back to his chubby self.

In loving memory of Casey

Casey (In Loving Memory)

1996 – 2014
On July 15, we had to say goodbye to our best clinic cat ever, Casey. He was such a joy for all of us and has quite a fan base with clients, too. He was 18 years old. He came to us at about six years old and was with us for almost 12 years! He had battled food allergies and hyperthyroidism for several years and then, more recently, kidney failure. Thank you, Casey, for all your loyal years as our greeter and much more!